Mathemagic Download

A stack of cards is removed from the deck and handed to the spectator.  They are asked to guess how many cards they are holding.  The magician guesses also.  The spectator counts 11 cards.  The magician states that this doesn’t sound correct so he asks that they count them again.  Without the cards leaving their sight or hands the spectator now counts out 15 cards.  They seemed to have gown in number.  The cards are then counted one last time to reveal 21 cards which was the magician’s initial guess.  This trick is very interactive and not your typical pick a card trick.  The audience will be begin to question their own sanity.  Luckily, the effect is pretty easy to do but seems impossible.  Just an ordinary deck of cards is needed.

This is the download tutorial only.  You are paying for my method and handling tips.

You can buy this little miracle for less than $5.00.  This is an excerpt from DJT’s instructional video from 2000 titled PFM or Pockets Full of Miracles.