My Shit List

This is a great gag that never fails to get laughs.  The cover is made of a fluorescent yellow durable material.  The inside is filled with twelve blank pages to collect people’s names and info.  The booklet measures 3.5″ tall and 2.5″ wide.  It’s best placed in an outside jacket or shirt pocket for the sake of the gag but can obviously placed anywhere.  This is something that I use and carry often.




We all have a shit list in our heads of people who we know to avoid or those who have wronged us.  I don’t recommend that anyone should make an actual shit list.  Forgiveness is healing.  However, I’m an entertainer, a magician who uses comedy to create wonder, surprise, and laughter.  For some reason seeing such a bold word on a tiny book is a funny thing.  This gag has never failed to get laughs for me.

I was introduced to this gag by my friend and colleague Pete Studebaker.  Pete is one of the best sleight-of-hand magicians on the planet, and hysterically funny.  When I first began performing professionally in 1986 Pete would throw gigs my way and teach me sleights and routines.  I’m indebted to Pete and think of him as one of my great mentors.  He is not on my shit list.



I prefer to use this gag on hecklers.  It could be used on anyone who casts a snide remark your way. When removing the tiny booklet from your pocket be sure that the folks nearby can only see the back or blank cover.  Crack open the booklet and ask, “What is your name again?” Or “How do you spell your last name?”  Most people comply and become curious as you begin to scribble their name into your book.

As you place this purposely diminutive booklet away, into one of your upper and outer left pockets, like your shirt or coat pocket, be sure that the front cover with the words MY SHIT LIST faces them as you look at your pocket to put it away.  Be careful that your hands do not obscure the bold print on the cover. Keep a straight face.  Most upon reading the cover will ROAR with laughter!