One-Armed Aces Download

The magician cuts the deck with one hand and finds an Ace.  This is repeated twice more and another Ace is found each time.  For the last Ace the magician attempts to cut the Ace to the bottom of the deck and fails by finding a Joker instead.  The face-up Joker is put face-down onto the table.  The magician snaps his finger and the Joker changes into the last Ace.  If you can do a one-handed cut or a Charlier Pass then DJT makes this easy to do.

This is the download tutorial only.  You’ll need to provide your own regular deck of cards.  You are paying for my method and handling tips.

You can buy this little miracle for less than $5.00.  This is an excerpt from DJT’s instructional video from 2000 titled PFM or Pockets Full of Miracles.