Ten Grand Prix

A stack of one-dollar bills magically and visibly change to all one-hundred dollar bills! It’s easy to do and comes ready to go.  It takes two seconds to reset. Only 10 units left in stock!

Order switch out packs or extra bills here.



The question magicians are constantly asked is, “Can you change a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill?”  This is the answer but on steroids!!  If you perform magic via Zoom, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Facebook, or YouTube then you can see the immediate appeal this trick has.  Unlike a lot of magic done online TEN GRAND PRIX is not dependent on certain angles.  It looks just as magical and visual in person.  Notice that even the blue band around the bills changes to gold.


If you’re a beginner, then you’ll love that you can learn this in minutes.  If you want to make folks jaw drop, if the subject of money comes up, and if you’re a speaker, teacher, salesman or whatever TEN GRAND PRIX can be used to grab everyone’s attention. Money talks!


This can be used as a stand-alone effect but DJT likes to perform it after doing a one-hundred dollar bill switch.  After seeing a one change into a one-hundred people say, “Why don’t you just do that all day long?”  He replies, “I do!  I go to the bank to get as many ones as I can and...” BOOM they see TEN GRAND PRIX and their eyes pop out of their head!


If you do Extreme Burn or Hundy 500 where five one-dollar bills change to hundreds, or any variation of that effect, then you know that it’s about a $650 investment and then you have to spend the time to make it yourself!  This is gift-wrapped and ready to go right out of the package.  Each unit takes DJT about one hour to assemble. The actual trick only takes about two seconds to reset.  This is a worker.  DJT has been testing it in the field, in secret, for quite a long time now. If you were a real magician, then why wouldn’t you create a fat stack like this?!?


Note that these are not real hundred dollar bills you are purchasing.  However, they do look very realistic.  The company that custom makes them does so for the television and movie industry. DJT offers “magic money” switch out packs.  Perhaps you’d like some “fake hundos” to put at the back of the stack to give away or lead into another effect with.  Order switch out packs or give-away bills here.


This will fast become one of yours and your audiences favorite effects.

In the first video below my friend Magick Balay demonstrates his clever handling for Ten Grand Prix.  In the second video my buddy Rick Wilcox has added a real one dollar bill to the back of the stack to do the standard one-hundred dollar bill switch.  Rick has also added a real one to the top of the stack so it would look more realistic.  He decided that he liked a different color wrap around band and changed that as well.  Rick has a nice handling too.