Birthday Bill Download

The magician borrows a $1 bill from the birthday person.  As the magician folds the $1 bill into fourths he offers to change it into a $100 bill for their birthday with the aid of his magic wand.  He cannot find a wand but pulls a hole puncher from his pocket and waves it around the bill instead.  The bill is still clearly a $1 bill but as he opens it punch-outs from the bill begin to fall to the table.  The holes in the bill spell out HAPPY B-DAY.  This is another effect where the magical moment is frozen in time.  You’d think the spectator would be annoyed for destroying their property but instead they are thrilled to own this magical mysterious bill.

You can buy this little miracle for less than $5.00.  This is an excerpt from DJT’s instructional video from 2000 titled PFM or Pockets Full of Miracles. You’ll need to provide your own hole-puncher and dollar bills.