Bamboozlers Deck


This beautiful design was a collaboration between Diamond Jim Tyler and Phill Smith (who designed the very popular Diamond marked cards). The artwork of Benjamin Vincent has returned as well. The tuck box exudes quality with the gold foil art printed on the lush textured blue stock. The flowery back design features lots of hidden imagery depicting items used for bar bets.

The best part is the 52 various bar bets or challenges. Each card features a different conundrum with items found in most homes or restaurants/bars. You’ll be the life of the party with this deck. If you know sleight of hand or card tricks then you’ll love the finish and card stock for your manipulation. If you’re not a card shark then you can still entertain folks with the various puzzles and challenges. Bartenders could easily use this deck to keep patrons at the bar longer and increase their tips.  Upon opening the pack you’ll find a card that provides you with a link to all 52 solutions for each of the challenges.

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There are only 25 uncut sheets and 111 of the limited edition gold gilt-edged decks.

I’m very proud of this brainchild of mine and know that others will have loads of fun with the Bamboozlers deck once they get their hands on them.” -Diamond Jim Tyler

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