Fake Cockroach

These cheap little plastic bugs look like the real thing!  It’s a small price to pay for something that looks so realistic and scares most people.  Throw one in a cereal box.  Put it in someone’s shoe or underneath their pillow.  There’s a million places you could hide one of these little critters and get a big reaction.  I teach a funny gag in Bamboozlers Volume Four where a spectator sees a cockroach run up out of your breast pocket and over your shoulder.

If you’d like to do the trick where you take a picture of someone’s hand and a spider or roach appears on the back of it, then I highly recommend downloading the app called My Pet Boris.  I sell the Spider-Roach Pro kits that you will need to do the trick.

The pic shows two cockroaches but you are buying one for $1.00.