November began with me finishing my shows at the Fairmont Kea Lani resort in Maui.  I returned home November 10th.  I have lots of fond memories from Maui.  All in all I think I did about 60 shows while in Hawaii.  The audiences and reviews were wonderful.  I’m excited to return one day.  On the 12th I performed for one of my long-term clients Jackson’s Pottery and did 6.5 hours of strolling magic for them that day.  I was happy to return on November 13th to the restaurant Drakes where I perform regularly on Sundays from 6:30-8:30pm.

Once home I got back into my routine of working out three days a week with my amazing friend and trainer Brandi.  I resumed my weekly poker tournament with friends.  Drew and I had a nice Thanksgiving with all of my family.  She and I have also been trying to make time to see our friends more.  We also took an Improv comedy class together that was lots of fun.  All in all in November I did 21 shows.

Doing 21 shows in November sounds like a lot.  It is.  In October I was in Maui working in The Magical Mystery Theater where I did about 50 shows that month.  However those shows were all a short walk from my suite and many of them were back to back.  In December I tied my best record for separate private shows in a month with 30 gigs.  That’s 30 different locations throughout Texas.  It was a busy but fun month.  It was nice to attend various holiday functions to see friends and family as well.  Having Drew in my life is the best gift of all.

During December I also received in the car that I had built which is my new 2023 C8 Corvette with the Z-51 package.  It’s the same color scheme and my last Vette.  This is now my 5th Vette and they progressively keep getting nicer and nicer.  It’s such a head turner and a fun car to drive.

I’m very lucky to have found my calling at such a young age.  The passion that I have put into my magic career and products has paid off.  I reap the rewards on a daily basis.  I try to encourage others often to chase their dreams and practice often.   I’ve worked since I was 13 years old.  When I work now it seems like play but folks have no idea the time and money that we as magicians put into our craft.  I love my job and it shows. Beyond the paycheck it is very fulfilling.

My Bamboozlers books sell consistently.  Bamboozlers 4 came out late last year and I’ve just reprinted Bamboozlers 3.  Volume 3 is now in it’s 3rd printing just like the previous two volumes.  Originally when Vol. 3 came out it had a pretty blue turquoise cover.  When I ordered the second edition of it that specific color was not available so I choose a shade of green.  I’m happy to report that the 3rd edition will have the original turquoise blue cover again.  The Bamboozlers Deck is also selling well and so is its companion the Labyrinth Puzzle Box.  Guess what?  There will be more Bamboozlers spin-offs in the future.  Just wait!

Culling through the Scam Nation videos I’ve appeared in, I noticed that I forgot to list one.  The instructional video below focuses on tricks with just your hands.  I always enjoy my banter with Brian and his guests on the show.

All in all 2022 was a great year.  Work keeps falling into my lap.  Every year I seem to get busier and busier.  I am so happy to share my world with Drew and learn more about hers as well.  We are making lots of exciting plans for 2023.  It looks like we will be traveling lots in 2023.