Magic Money


These $100 bills look practically like the real thing up close.  However, if you zoom in you’ll see that they say for  Motion Picture Use Only.  Use these magic bills as gifts or gags.  As a magician when doing stand-up or stage you can now change a $1 to $100 affordably.  Do your favorite version of $1’s to $100’s economically without fear of losing several hundred real dollars.  Borrow a $100 bill for your stage routine and burn one of these to have their bill reappear somewhere else.  You are limited by your imagination.

The textures, colors and designs are highly detailed. These bills are printed with the highest resolution.  They are made of the highest quality and are definitely the best ones on the market. It’s $1 for 2 bills, $9 for 20 bills or $40 for 100 bills.

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