These past few months I have been focused on crossing off things on my project board that have accumulated over the last several years.  I signed another book deal with Dover Publications.  That magic book is slated for release in April of 2021.  This will be my third book with Dover.  As a kid I learned a lot about magic from their series of books.  I’m proud to be among their list of amazing authors.

The Bamboozlers Deck has been sent off to print with the United States Playing Card Company.  This project has taken years to come together.  I hired the amazing artist Phill Smith to do the layout and design the backs and fronts of the cards and the box art.  Phill is a magician himself, a damn good one, and an amazing graphic artist.  He and I gel and work well together.  He helped me to create my Diamond Playing Cards that have sold in the thousands.  The new deck should be ready for Christmas.

I have been writing Bamboozlers 4 and it is nearing completion.  The local artist Benjamin Vincent has illustrated all of the Bamboozlers series and the deck artwork too.  His work will be showcased in Volume 4.  It is not easy to find a like mind who can bring your visions into reality.  I am lucky to call him a friend and to have him help me with this latest project.  Each one of the Bamboozlers volumes is larger than the next.

Volume 4 will be the biggest one yet.  I’ve accumulated a great mix of material and the readers can expect lots of funny jokes as well.  It’s hard to believe that Volume Three came out in 2013; that was 7 years ago!!  This project has taken obviously longer than I expected but it will be worth the wait.  I’m guessing it will not be released until early next year.  A few routines still need to be written and then there are multiple edits, the layout, graphic clean up, the printing process, etc.

My corporate work was killed during this pandemic.  I’ve used this time to work on new routines and create.  Plus I took a wonderful vacation.  My good friend Joe Hargrave who owns Intensity Entertainment rented an RV and drove up through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and back to Texas.  I joined he and two other amazing gentlemen (CK and Jared) in Jackson, WY.  Yellowstone was incredible and almost otherworldly.  The mountains, water, snow, geysers, skies, wildlife and more will be forever etched in my brain.  I can now also say that I have proudly performed in 48 of the US states.  My friends filmed me performing for others.  All of the guys, minus yours truly, were amazing photographers.  I enjoyed every bit of the trip and cannot wait to return.

Once I was back I released an effect that has lingered in my head for over 7 years.  It’s called Ten Grand Prix.  Imagine a stack of one dollar bills with a band around them magically changing to all one hundred dollar bills.  I made that dream a reality.

I predict that it will become my best selling effect ever.  I’ve only just released it but the reviews are good.  It’s highly visual and looks great in person and just as magical on social media.  See the promo video below that my photographer friends helped me create.  I’m very fortunate to work with such talented people!


As I write this it is mid June.  Oh my how the world has changed.  Some states are open and some are still closed at this moment due to the pandemic.  In Texas many of the businesses and restaurants are opening back up.  We will all find out soon if it was too early to do so or not.  The norm now is people wearing gloves, masks, and staying home as much as possible.  The problem is we are all social creatures.  Being confined has made us all a little crazy.  This is when an artist’s work is most important.  I’ve seen well known magicians and musicians performing online shows, or Zoom shows, to avoid crowds.  I think this is nice.  However, for me, magic is an up close interactive experience and I have chosen not to go that route.  Henceforth I have been out of work since mid February.

I turned the big 50 in April.  I was going to have a large party with friends and family but I will wait until the Covid fears have subsided.  I have been using this quarantine time productively.  I’m not eating out much and have learned to cook more. I am diligently writing Bamboozlers 4.  It’s more than half way written and my good friend and artist Benjamin Vincent has begun some of the illustrations.  Myself and Phill Smith have just finished designing the Bamboozlers Deck.  It is gorgeous if I do say so myself.  I don’t want to post pictures now because I want everyone to be surprised.  I plan to release the deck later this year.

One day I spent visiting with my friend Tommy Thomas and his wife Latrice.  Tommy is the son of the infamous Titanic Thompson.  I’m a huge fan of Tommy and his dad.  We talked about gambling moves and magic as well.  The book The Unsinkable Titanic Thompson, sold on my site, was written to eventually become a movie.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  However, Tommy surprised me as I was leaving and gave me a copy of the screenplay.  I had no idea it existed!!  I was elated.  Tommy is doing me the huge honor of writing the foreword to Bamboozlers 4.  I know so many amazing people.

My creative juices have been flowing more now than ever before.  I have been developing new routines for my show and for market. I have submitted another magic book to Dover.  Dover has been shut down during this pandemic so who knows when it will be released.  I just finished producing a metal spinning top.  I call it DJ’s Top Ten+.  I’m proud of the engineering that went into it.  It’s not magic but it does seem like it.

Even my week at the House of Cards in Nashville planned for July has been postponed.  Thank goodness I have savings! However, clients have been calling to book shows for the end of the year.  I truly believe that when the pendulum swings far in one direction that it soon swings the other way.  I’m guessing all entertainers are going to have one of the busiest last quarters of the year.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

This month I was supposed to be in Manila, in The Philippines, doing several stand-up shows for Resorts World.  I was very much looking forward to this opportunity but it had to be postponed once the Covid-19 virus began spreading fast across Asia.  For now it has been postponed until 2021.  I look forward to seeing my friends and fans there as soon as I can make it over.

Now all of my shows until July have been cancelled.  I’m hoping that the virus has stop spreading by then and that all returns back to normal for the world’s sake.  Once it hit in America hoarders began hitting the markets and essential items became scarce.  Luckily I live alone and don’t need much so it’s easy for me to survive.  However, it is lonely not being able to interact with people.  I didn’t realize what a social butterfly I was until I was forced to stay inside.  Honestly though it has been good for me.  I’m making the most of my time by working on office projects.  I typically have 20 things listed on my project board.  I’m starting to knock some of those things out.  Times like this make us resourceful and we are reminded to appreciate the little things in life.

On a brighter note my new book Bar Bets To Win Big Bucks comes out next month.  This is something I’ve kept secret until now.  This is my second title with Dover Publications.  I’m working on a third title for them now.  Learn more about the new bar bets book here.

90% of my income derives from my shows.  People have said that I should do online shows.  The problem for me is that I believe magic is best experienced live.  Most of what I do is interactive.  In the meantime I am slowly converting my instructional DVDs to become downloads.  This is something I should have done a long time ago.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  I’m hoping this confinement sparks some creativity within me.  I’ve always been a hard worker, innovator and a survivor (of many things).  I will get through this and come out a better version of me when it’s all over.

Happy New Year!  Wow.  Later this year I turn the big 50.  That’s 34 years performing professionally and 44 years practicing magic.  Believe it or not, I’ve had a deck of cards in my hand almost every day now for 48 years.  Dang I’m old!  When not performing, practicing, writing or booking shows I enjoy playing Texas Hold’em.  I’m in a league.  Lately, I’ve been playing extremely well.

I started off the year right by doing a show for Phoenix House as has become tradition.  These troubled teens love magic and my show and I find it very rewarding performing for this audience.  Magic has been a huge blessing in my life.  I’m so lucky to get to make money with my passion.

I performed many shows for many regular clients over January and February.  I’ve made some new clients as well.  For years people have asked where to come and see my show and the answer has always been, “You’ll have to hire me, because I rarely do public events.”  Until recently that is.  The end of February I rented out a theater again and sold tickets to my one-man show.  It was great to see fans, friends and family at my show.  My friend Ladonna, who I play poker with, whom others have nicknamed giggles, helped me keep the audience in stitches with her infectious laugh.  I purposely put her in the front row because I knew this would happen.  Seen in the pic on the right is herself and her husband Howard.

I booked several Penguin MAXX events for later this year.  Penguin is the #1 online retailer of magic.  Currently, I hold the record for having the highest rated lecture with them with the most 5 star reviews.  My second download lecture with Penguin is in the top 10.  This is impressive considering they have thousands of products for sale. From time to time they have live events in well-known cities across the US where one can see their favorite magicians lecture, perform and session with them.

My colleague and friend Alan Paoletti did a video interview with me for his webcast (seen below).  Alan is a good friend and one that I recommend to clients when I am not available.  While performing in Houston I stayed with my magic buddy Scott Wells.  Scott helped arrange my first lecture tour across the US forever ago.  Scott asked that I appear on his podcast while there.  Here is a link to that interview.

Any one that claims to know me, knows I’m fond of not just magic but puzzles, illusions, art, etc.  So I added the perfect product to my line.  It’s called the Ambi-Ring.  It’s a nice looking finger ring that doubles as an optical illusion.  Check it out here.



Things are always crazy.  I have more projects to work on than I can get to.  I feel like Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes who once said, “God put me on this Earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  I’m so far behind I’ll never die.”

The last quarter of the year is always my busiest time.  Corporations and folks seem to have the most events and parties then.  My bread and butter is working private events.  In October I worked several high profile events.  One took me to Burbank to work for a well known radio station.  I worked the stage outside along with several other performers.  They actually promoted my appearance on a huge billboard which was a first for me.  At the event I also met Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, who is the host of their morning show.  Nick is a nice guy.  I’d like to give a big shout out to my buddy Mitch who made it all possible.  He’s been a great friend to me over the years.  He started off as a magic student of mine and is now one of my best friends.

I have been designing a metal top that spins for an impressively long time.  I shot several episodes for Scam Nation found here. I’ve played lots of poker.  My new Diamond Playing Cards are out and selling well. Plus my good friend Brian Brushwood has an awesome puzzle box designed after them.

I’ve added the Batman 66 and Elvira’s Scared Stiff pinballs to my game house collection.  I also found an old home game pinball called Diamond Jim that I had refurbished.  Besides all the other games and machines in my house I now have 8 pinball machines and I’m glad I do not have room for more.  It seems to be an addiction!

Obviously business has been good.  In November I flew to Indiana for a client.  I still perform twice a year for Jackson’s Pottery.  I attended the Peacock theater. Plus I’ve started doing my own one-man show here in Dallas.  Typically folks have to hire me for an event to see what I do.  So I’ve decided that I will try to rent a theater semi-regular basis, maybe once a quarter, and sell tickets to my hour long show.  The theater I’ve found is owned by a friend, who once was a magic student as well.  It’s an awesome space in Addison, Tx.  It seats 40-50 comfortably but is under remodel now and will seat twice that many soon.  My first show there sold out quickly and everyone had nice things to say after.

In December I did 27 shows.  Most all of them were corporate holiday parties.  One was for the the Meruelo Group who flew me out to Burbank once again.  One was for a car dealership where I was Mr. Popular producing $100 bills and giving them away all night long.  That night they gave away $100,000 worth of prizes and cash.  I did a show for a well known home builder that asked me to help present game show like effects where they gave away around $250,000.  Plus I did magic for many repeat clients who have been loyal to me for the last 5-20 years.  I’m very blessed to get paid to do what I love and help create special memories for those in attendance.  I really do have the best job.

It’s now January and I’m just now catching up on a three month break from my blog.  As I go into the new year I am planning some big trips, more projects and making more time for my family and friends.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try and be less condescending.  Do you even know what that means?

Whoa!  I’ve maintained this blog for a little over 20 years now.

One fun weekend this month I did strolling magic for hundreds of folks in Forreston, TX after their dove hunt.  I’ve had many of my pinball and arcade games refurbished.  My collection continues to grow.  However, I think I’m done.  I’m out of space for more games.  People love my game house and I enjoy entertaining.

I attended the Nathan Coe Marsh lecture.  I had jury duty.  I performed at the Peacock Theater once again.  I did a show on Lake Lewisville for Ericsson.  Plus I drove to Austin again to film more episodes for what’s now called Scam Nation. While in Austin I attended the Austin Magic Auction that Saturday. That night I had a wonderful dinner out and took in the play Dracula, which was very well done.

Believe it or not, I do work.  I did have several shows in between my whimsical outings.  I still play poker on a regular basis and usually do well.  I’ve mainly been booking lots of shows for the last quarter of the year.  Also, I’m prepping things for the Bamboozlers books for their 3rd printing.  I’ve bought the rights to a metal spinning top.  I’m slowly compiling Bamboozlers Vol. Four.  I’m working on a Bamboozlers deck of cards.  Plus, I did my second book deal with Dover books and it looks like there will be a third.  I always have plenty of projects to keep me busy when I’m not actually performing or prepping for shows.

This has been an eventful month!  I started off by flying out to Las Vegas for 6 days.  Most of my time was spent at the now annual Magic Live convention.  It’s always great to see old friends and make new ones.  My roommate Riccardo always cracks me up and has such a zeal for knowledge and a zest for life.  He’s become a very good friend to me.  I learned a lot at this convention and got very little sleep (about 4 hours a night) for 5 days.  I saw lots of great shows, bought some new toys, and even had time to squeeze in some poker tournament play.  I left well ahead and made enough to pay off the trip.

I returned home Friday August 9th and used the weekend to play catch up.  On Monday the 12th I worked for Reunion Tower who has become a regular client.  The next weekend and I attended the Peacock Theater and saw a fantastic variety show.  I was asked last minute to do some close-up magic for the guests. I had a deck of cards, a shoestring and some rubberbands and was able to entertain about 80 people in 2 different shows.  I’m proud of myself for training myself to be a minimalist to achieve strong effects with the smallest of props.  These skills will help me throughout my whole life and career.  That same weekend I had a family get together and cooked out with my dad and sisters and more.  It was great seeing everyone and watching them play games in my house of fun.

I’ve added some great beginner magic to my site since people have asked for it for years.  I’ve also added the Magic Money back to my site.  I’m still teaching magic and bar bets on Scam Nation that airs every Wednesday night.  I’ve done around 50 episodes.  I’ve posted some of the lessons at the top and bottom here.  Now I’m prepping for the busy fall season which already promises to full of fun gigs.  I still have lots of dates open that I hope to book soon.




June kept me busy with lots of private shows.  I’ve been performing magic professionally since 1986 and I still feel lucky to do what I love.  Work is constantly rolling in.  My new Diamond Cards are selling well and magicians and cardists love the feel and look of my cards.  I’m very proud of them. See a pic here that my friend Lawry from Australia took.

Scam School changed its name to Scam Nation and I’ve been featured in many of the episodes as of late.  See some of them at the top and bottom of this post.  I think I’ve done close to 50 episodes now with about 17 million views.  It’s crazy for me to think how many millions of people I’ve taught magic, bar bets and gags with the help of my friend Brian Brushwood.

December is typically my busiest month but I think this July might top it.  I worked a week at the Magic Castle from July 1-7.  I did 4 shows a night in the Close-up Gallery.  It was a stellar week working with some of the best of the best.  I had the 4th of July off and spent it at the Hollywood Bowl.  I toured the Reagan Library that featured an emotional Ronald and Nancy Reagan exhibit.  The museum also featured a Leonardo DaVinci exhibit.

After Hollywood I had a few days at home.  Enough time to do laundry, pay bills, and pack for Nashville.  I worked the new venue House of Cards, which is much like the Castle, but underground like a speakeasy.  The food was amazing.  The venue was very magical.The entertainment director Joey was extremely accommodating.  My first week there I worked in the Carter Theater and actually used Carter’s own table for my 4 performances each night.  I was elated that both sets of my parents were able to come and partake and see me in action.  The reviews were great.

My second week I did the close-up shows.  It was a more rigorous schedule standing for 6 hours near a close-up table waiting for audiences to come and go.  I did that for 6 nights.  My feet were aching each night but it was lots of fun. The staff were all great people.  The owner, whom I only met briefly, seemed like a nice guy.  Thank goodness he loves magic.  He’s created an incredible space.  He owns about 6 businesses in Nashville and he’s expanding.  I can’t wait to see how the House of Cards evolves in the future.

Nashville is an amazing town.  There is so much music history there.  There’s amazing singers in every bar and there’s tons of bars there.  I took in the night life and The Hermitage, the Parthenon, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash & Patsy Cline museum, the Frist museum and more.  Plus I had the infamous “hot chicken” there at a few different places.

Once home I had a couple of shows in town.  Now I’m back at home writing my blog on August 4th and my flight to Vegas leaves soon.  I’m attending the Magic Live conference once again.  I’m excited to see the shows, lectures, dealer’s room, but most of all my friends. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes that this is my life!


May is busy with projects.  I made another appearance on Scam School.  In the episode above I teach how to play poker with 5 nickels and win every time in a seemingly fair manner.  I teach two clever secrets.  This will be featured in my next book Bamboozlers Vol. Four.  Rex and Brian in the video are loads of fun.  Watch it and enjoy.  I have made dozens of Scam School appearances over the years.  The episodes I appear in have over 16.5 million views!!

Some of my recent clients lately have been Brunswick Pool Tables, Tiger 21, Southern Methodist University and Southwest Airlines.  The events have been incredible.  I’d say 90% of my work comes from word of mouth.  I started professionally in 1986 so that’s 33 years of experience under my belt.  I’ve been to several millionaires and billionaires homes recently and some of the nicest hotels in the Dallas area.  One party had some amazing animals.  See me with a lemur here.

One of the big things happening soon is the release of my new brand of cards called Diamond Playing cards.  They are beautiful. Card workers will love them.  Plus there are a couple of cool secret features.  I know that most folks don’t have my passion or time to practice sleight of hand so these cards have a one-way design to make locating a selection easy and they are marked so you always know what card has been chosen.  I worked with award winning graphic artist Phill Smith to create this masterpiece.  The marking system is diabolical.  To learn more or purchase the cards click here.

In 1984 I attended the Cheap Trick concert at Six Flags with my best friend Kevin Davis.  They fast became our favorite band. Kevin and I have kept in touch all this time and have seen the band live many times.  Every time a new album came out I listened to it 100 times and memorized the words to every song.  Cheap Trick has been the soundtrack to my life.  I have about a dozen guitar picks from each of the shows I’ve attended.  Kev and I have hung out with the band after hours a couple of times.  Recently they were in town with Bad Co. and ZZ Top since it was their 50th anniversary.  It was a great show and Cheap Trick was obviously my favorite.

A couple of other big news items.  I just purchased the new 2019 Grand Sport Vette.  It’s pretty awesome.  This is my third Vette and my 9th sports car.

Today is May 29th.  On May 31st I will attend my kid sister Chelsye’s birthday.  The family is going bowling.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!


Well… same old song and dance.  I’m busy with shows and projects.  Some of my clients over the past several weeks have been Reunion Tower, Jackson’s Pottery, Exxon, etc. I drove to Houston for one gig.  Then I followed up that trip by going to Austin to hang out with two of my favorite relatives, my cousins Rodger and Alex.  It’s hard not to smile when with them.  Both have been a positive force in my life.  The following weekend I helped Rodger and Alex renovate the property they purchased.  The property once belonged to my great aunt and uncle.  Rodger grew up there and I spent many summers there.  My uncle Harlan was an architect who built the house.  It’s solar powered and has other energy efficient qualities.

While in Austin I shot more Scam School episodes.  It’s now called Scam Nation.  See an episode at the top and bottom of this post.  Brian Brushwood has been a friend for at least 12 years.  It’s been incredible to watch how he’s become a powerhouse and influencer online.  He’s the host of several Youtube channels like Modern Rogue, Night Attack and co-hosts a podcast called Weird Things.  I’m lucky to know him.  He’s a smart business man and a good friend to me.  He just attended a small birthday dinner I had the other night along with his wife Bonnie.  If you want to be successful then surround yourself with accomplished people.  I have done that in spades with Brian.

My friend Melissa helped work my magic booths two weekends in a row.  The first was for Penguin Magic in Dallas.  The second was for the Texas Pinball Festival in Frisco.  The Penguin event was very profitable.  The pinball event.. not so much… but I had a blast there and made some new friends.  While at the pinball festival I had the good fortune to meet and perform for the actor John Rhys-Davies.  He was a gentleman and begged for more magic!  He’s best known for his role as Sallah in Indiana Jones and as Gimli in the Lord of the Ring movies.

I met up with my childhood friend Kevin to help him celebrate his 50th.  I love hanging with Kevin and the Davis family.  One of Kevin and I’s first concerts was Cheap Trick.  After that we became die hard fans.  We’ve seen them together many times.  To carry on that tradition I got us awesome seats to see them again in May.

Recently my friend Thom Peterson was in town from the UK to give a magic lecture.  He and his wife Annabel stayed the night and we had a good visit.  Annabel is an amazing artist and does designer cakes now for a living.  Her work is incredible!  Click here to see her site.

I just had a birthday and my friends and family have been fattening me up.  I’ve eaten at Javiers, Blue Fish, Del Friscos, Fish City Grill, Kenny’s Burgers, Jack Allen’s, etc.  My gift to myself was to take another trip to California to visit the world famous Magic Castle.  The Castle bought my dinner one night and I took in lots of great shows with friends.  One night I did a private performance for the Hiltons.  I didn’t know until the next day that they were Paris Hilton’s parents.

The big news is that my mom beat cancer!!  I am beyond blessed.


I think time is speeding up.  I can’t believe it’s already 2019.  I kicked off the year again by doing a show for Phoenix House on January 1st.  These mostly withdrawn teens go bananas when I’m performing my magic there.  My show is only half an hour but I usually end up being there 2 hours to visit and sign autographs.  I think they are just happy to have company and to know that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

These first two months of 2019 have been filled with private and corporate events.  Once again I’ve been in the homes of millionaires and billionaires.  I did a string of shows for Omni Hotels.  Plus some casinos in Oklahoma utilized my services.  I took my father to my gig at one casino on Fat Tuesday.  Some of those backwoods gamblers thought I was from another planet.

I took a vacation to Vegas and stayed on one of the Hilton Grand Vacations properties.  While in Vegas I saw some amazing shows and ate well at various fine dining establishments.  I only gambled a little but came out ahead which is good.  As an excursion I toured the Neon Graveyard and it was actually pretty cool.  I was surprised how much of Vegas’ history I knew.

After Vegas I went on to Los Angeles to see my friends Lorna, Chloe, Mitch, Jeff and Riccardo.  It was fun spending a little time with each of them.  While in LA I took in the Magic Castle and saw many great shows during the Valentine’s week.  I also had the chance to meet and visit with Crispin Glover (of Back to Future fame) and Bob Odenkirk (who plays Saul in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul).

Back at home I did a TV spot on WFAA to promote a run of shows I’m doing for Reunion Tower.

My home is turning into an arcade.  I had a pool table, shuffleboard, two slot machines, three pinballs, one multicade, one pachinko machine, one vintage arcade, plus my big screen with various gaming systems.  I just added another pinball machine called Safecracker and another arcade game called Ice Cold Beer; both of these machines are rare and collectible.  I’ve recently created a custom DJT coin for my machines and to use as business cards.

When not performing my shows or traveling I am working on projects.  I’ve got a secret project due out in June.  I recently signed another book deal with Dover books.  If it goes we will do a third project together too.  I am slowly compiling Bamboozlers Volume Four.  I hope to release a Bamboozlers Deck before the end of the year.  Plus I always have ten other projects I’m tinkering with.

This is always my busiest time of the year.  Between November and December I did 35 paid shows.  That’s not including all the parties I went to for family and friends.  Most of my shows are for corporate clients and a handful are private events in people’s homes or businesses.  One of the highlights in November was flying to California and working the show Boobie Trap in Hollywood.  It was a great line up and I had some friends come out.  The profits that night went to the victims of the fires in California.

Mid November I flew to California to work the Penguin Maxx event in Los Angeles where I performed with some of the best like Michael Weber, Brent Braun, Chad Long, Michael Kaminskas, Dan Harlan, The Other Brothers, etc.  It was a fun and profitable event.  While in Hollywood, CA I visited the Magic Castle where I am a member and had the privilege of performing for and talking at length with the actor Collin Farrell.

In November I filmed an interview for an online show called ALL IN with Bryan Weatherford.  Bryan is a great guy and host and we had lots in common.  On the show I performed many routines.  Bryan said later that I was one of his favorite guests. Watch parts of my interview at the top and bottom of this post.

In December, I did the bulk load of my shows, but also released my new product called Diamond Dice.  These dice are made for magicians and can be used in mentalism routines.  I now manufacture three different sets of trick dice.

The best part of the holiday season, besides the plethora of work, was seeing family and friends.  It’s rare that I get to see my family who is scattered about the metroplex.  Mom is still battling cancer and I try to make it out to her chemo treatments when I can.  I know from battling cancer myself that everyday is a gift.  I’m thankful for all my loved ones.